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Every review on this page is submitted by a real Mosquito Joe customer. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence our customer's feedback. Learn how Mosquito Joe customers are enjoying being outside again!

Sylvia from phone customer service is wonderful and very informative. The mosquito guy who came to respray was also prompt and friendly. I am very satisfied with the service. Thank you!

Maria L
Oct 15, 2018

The nice lady I spoke to on the phone when first inquiring about MJ should get a large raise - just can't remember her name. The two applicators sent out were professional and .

Blair T
Oct 15, 2018

I appreciate you checking on us as we have not been completely mosquito free for the last couple of months. The surviving mosquitos are small but annoying. The rain seems to have negatively affected the treatments.

Gail L
Oct 14, 2018

I couldn't believe how quickly they scheduled the technician and how easy it was! Ridiculously affordable and I've seen all of 3 mosquitoes since they came out 10 days ago compared to multiple attacking every time we walked out the door. Such a relief!!!!

Whitney T
Oct 09, 2018

I am a Master Gardener and I love to be in my yard, bringing it to life. But..before Mosquito Joe, I was unable to even go out the door. I can't thank you enough for your company and the wonderful employees you have hired. I can go in my yard, thanks to Mosquito Joe's product, any time, any day, and not have to spray poison on my body. I just wish everyone knew how wonderful you are. I am doing my best to tell everyone!!!!

Marlyn H
Sep 27, 2018

It worked so well and make our awesome backyard actually usable!! It also really trimmed down the tree roach activity outside. Amazing!

Lara M
Sep 15, 2018

Always great customer service! Thank you!

Tina W
Sep 10, 2018

I like that I am notified that you are coming and the flyer on the door that lets me know you have been here. Your technicians are always polite and well spoken and seem happy to follow any extra suggestions on spraying that I have.

Linda S
Sep 04, 2018

I believe we have been MoJo customers since your beginning in our area, and will continue. Your staff....on phones, or at my home, are professional and friendly. Always helpful if I need to reschedule, etc. While product is exceptional....customer service is vitally important to us as well. Thank you for your excellence at both.

Renee D
Aug 26, 2018

This service really works! This is our second season and we have not had any mesquitos in our backyard. We can enjoy our yard again. Highly recommend!

Kim S
Aug 26, 2018