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Donna C
Dec 13, 2019

Steve H
Dec 03, 2019

Ed L
Dec 01, 2019

I love mosquito Joe I would recommend them to everybody I couldn't live without them I hate mosquitoes

Michael (
Nov 26, 2019

Jim F
Nov 26, 2019

Greg S
Nov 25, 2019

Bill M
Nov 25, 2019

Always punctual and performed the work flawlessly. Enjoyed the lack of mosquitoes this season and we got our yard and pool back to ourselves. We will definitely use them again next season!

Gene H
Nov 24, 2019

Lynn D
Nov 23, 2019

I recommend Mojo to everyone. We are never quite mosquito free because of the neighbors but those little pests certainly are occasional thanks to Mojo

Mary-Ellen R
Nov 19, 2019
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